Love is all you need, said John Lennon. And he was a good mate, he knew what he was talking about, right? The Beatles, flower culture, hippies… and yes, free love for everyone.

Today, we are in a very different situation, in a very different world, mind you. But that should not change anything in terms of love and humanity generally, because after all, what really, I mean seriously really matters, is love. Still. Look after your mate and your mate will look after you. Isn’t that a definition of love/life right here?

Relationships are all that really matters. You won’t enjoy anything, any physical possessions, unless you have someone to share it with. Sharing is caring and it’s also a great base for a relationship. No matter if friendship or love between two spouses.


I don’t care where you live, what color you are, what socioeconomic status you have, you crave love. And sometimes you are not getting the very thing you crave the most, that’s just how life sometimes is. But let me ask you this – what prevents you from giving? Yes, giving first. Before you get, try to give as much as you can not expecting anything in return. Anything. It will change your life, trust me. When you start giving love without expecting anything in return, magic will happen. Because you usually get what you give. That’s a balance – yin and yang, black and white, give and get. Start with giving and sharing and you shall receive.

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