What to Do When Your Love Leaves You

I am the kind of person who loves so intensely and so deeply, I sometimes forget to love myself. I consider myself a person who can bend over backward where love is involved. However, this has not been enough to sustain some of the relationships I have had. A person who wants to leave will still leave.

I have had to learn the hard way what works best when this happens so that you don’t get yourself depressed to the point of almost going crazy. Here are the incredible insights that will help you beyond your imagination.

Understand it is over

Sometimes, people prefer to believe that the loved one might come back because of the heartache that people experience after being left by a loved one. They tend to believe that the person might be going through a phase and that he/she will come back soon enough. However, as you will find out in most cases, they rarely do. It is sporadic for a person who has walked away to come back but in the rare event that they do, would you want someone like that again? He/she is someone who might do it again if they feel like it. You deserve to have someone consistent, emotionally, and physically. However, you think you want to be with your ex again, there is plenty of resources out there on the subject, just type get ex back and we wish you all the best. You might be the one to actually pull it off. Fingers crossed for you.

Don’t Try to Figure Out Why

You will find yourself in a minefield if you try to figure out why your partner walked away. Naturally, we find ourselves asking those questions if we go through this kind of situation. However, there is never a day you will find the right answers since the right person to tell you is the lover who walked away, and let’s face it, he/she will never do it. Most people try to justify a loved one when they do this. They will say their loved ones were overwhelmed, lost, depressed, came from a broken family, and so on. You have to stop giving your partner a leave pass after he/she walks away. After all, they’re the ones who devastated you and continued with their lives, so why not move on with yours too?

Cut All Ties with Their Family

In most cases, the family of your loved one will side with them and not you. Their family goes together with them once they walk away, no matter how good or loving you were. If your loved one has walked away, cut all ties to his or her family for the time being, at least until you are healed and preferably in another relationship. Try not to stay in touch with their families on social media or send them gifts and cards. Take this point very seriously because if you do not, you will be crushed when you see how quickly their family will accept their new partners. If this happens, be sure that the pain you felt when your partner left will have nothing on this one. Be warned.

Know You Did Your Best

It is important to realize and acknowledge that you gave them your best. Unfortunately, your best was not enough for them. In the light of this acknowledgment, know that their leaving was not all about you but about themselves. You might be shocked to find out that it had nothing to do with you. Let them learn a lesson from the whole situation and find someone who can fulfill them the way they desire. The important attitude here is to wish everyone just the best, let all beings be happy.

At all Costs, be Selfish

In this situation, you will often be in your head playing and replaying the moments and times you had and feeling all the feelings that come with that. You will almost feel like there is nothing left to live for. Because of this, make sure not to spend too much time in your head to avoid feeling crazy. One of the best ways to deal with this is by coming up with a workable plan. It can include engaging with your friends, dressing well, setting new goals, visiting new places, eating well, and anything else that you think might work for you. You must please yourself at all costs.

The take away from all this is that a partner walking away, as much as it can be painful, is not the end of the world. You can do the mentioned few things to deal with the situation, and before you know it, all will be well. Choose to work on yourself daily towards being emotionally healthy again and with no time you will heal.

Opening up yourself to new love is the way to go. Someone amazing can walk into your life and, at the risk of sounding cliché, sweep you off your feet. You might be surprised that it will not take time. You only need to find yourself again and keep hope alive.

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